October Newsletter

Here’s the October newsletter for you guys:


Here’s a little helpful hint for viewing the newsletter on a pc (mac may be the same but not sure).  Once opened in Adobe Acrobat if you hold down the ctrl key and hit the + or – key (which are the 2 keys in between the number 0 and backspace keys).  This zooms in and out of the newsletter.

Also if you hold down the space bar you can use your mouse to slide the newsletter up and down or side to side.

“The Golden Years”

The St Mary AARP has made it to Youtube.  If you have a smart tv with the Youtube app do a search for St Mary AARP, The Golden Years and watch in HD on your tv. Obviously can also watch on phones, ipads, computers as well.  Enjoy the play!

Ps. The sprocket looking icon that shows at the bottom once you hit play is how you adjust the quality of the video.  Turn up to 720 or 1080 to watch in best quality.