Family Portraits

This weekend:

Saturday, March 22nd from 10am-3pm

Sunday, March 23rd from 11am-3pm

We will be taking professional family portraits at the St Mary AARP building.

St Mary AARP members and the general public are invited (adults and children are welcome).  We will be signing up anyone eligible to become a member and get the discount.

**We will also be at the dance on Saturday night  to take pictures for those who are attending it.

26th Annual St Mary AARP Court and Ball

We’ve finally put the finishing touches and worked out the technical aspects of our web version of the show. For best quality watch with the “HD” on. For those with slower internet you may have to hit “play” then “pause” it for a for a bit to let it download a bit of the show as a buffer. You only need to do this if watching and it pauses by itself. This happens because your watching faster than your internet can stream it. The volume can be controlled using the bars at the bottom and the button on the bottom right will put the video in full screen mode.  Enjoy the show!!!


Once again we want to thank the Urgent Care of Morgan City for helping us to put this show on here for everyone to watch.  They’ve become such a wonderful supporter of our organization and we greatly appreciate it :).

March sponsor sets us up for a wonderful meal

March Sponsor

Mr Greg Aucoin was gracious enough to sponsor our March meeting monthly meal of white beans/rice and sausage. Mr Aucoin has been a very long time sponsor of the St Mary AARP and while speaking to the members announced that he will be running for judge.

We’d like to thank Floyd and Shirley Hymel, Carol and Hubert Francis, and Sterling and Pat Fryou for cooking that great meal.

Also remember that we are looking for volunteers to help out with the meals on meeting Mondays.  Get in touch with the office or shoot us a message through the website if you’d like to come help out.